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Arizona book signings and spring training appearance
Steve will be signing his book SHIFT: Change Your Mindset and You Change Your World
When:March 4th and 5th
Click on the link for details! Arizona Book Signings

SHIFT book reviews
"5.0 out of 5 stars Great book!!, January 17, 2011"

"I highly recommend this book to anyone that believes success is accomplished overnight, and only happens to individuals that come across a lucky break, it really puts working hard to accomplish goals into perspective."

"Absolutely a good read! I have read twice now. I have given a couple copies to friends and recommended to many. It is a clear reminder that anyone, from any walk of life, with any background, with any baggage can take their life to where they want it to be with the right state of mind....yes, you have to check your mindset every day, but why be stuck with the negative - keep moving forward. Thanks for putting into print what we should already know!" Kath

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Steve Sax Member National Speakers Association